MOX - hasiaci systém

The new generation fire suppression

Pressure free systems


Suitable for class A, B, C and E fires

For enclosed spaces and open areas

Wide operating temperature -60°C to +200°C

All direction and up to 16m height firefighting system

Fast detection and rapid discharge


Autonomous units

Automatic or manual or self activation

Stationary and/or portable units

No piping elements, no moving parts


Early suppression of fire


Safe, not under pressure except when activated


10 years’ operation life, minimal maintenance

Simple installation, efficient and cost effective

Cold gas generators

The specially designed MOX modules can  used for fire safety in gas equipment cabinets, electric equipment cabinets, electrical panels, under-bonnet space of motorcars and in many other objects.

This autonomous firefighting device can be used as a stationary unit (wall, ceiling or floor mounted) either with automatic or manual activation. The device is designed to suppress class A, B, C and E fires (RU) It can be used in both closed spaces and outdoor conditions and is completely safe as it doesn’t contain any explosion-hazardous pyrotechnical components. 

Live test in rafinery SLOVNAFT a.s. ( Slovakia )